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With over 125 Graduates from Pachavega’s Basic and Advanced Raw Chef Programs, What else are Students Saying about their Experience?

“I had the best time these two weeks with Pachavega’s Living Foods Chef Immersion Course taking my Advanced Living Food Chef Certification. It would not have been the same experience with anyone else. Danielle is an absolute delight to be around, totally hilarious, and completely knowledgeable on nutrition, health and food. I thought I knew a lot about nutrition, raw food and the like but I was blown away at how much I learned and how much I am taking away from this course. The course is inspiring, informative, fun and engaging. It’s a lot of information and the way Danielle delivers the content makes it understandable and easy to remember as she is a wealth of cool stories. Thank you so much!”

– Heather Bowen, Calgary, AB Canada

“This course had it all. The instructors, the food, the location, the incredible depth of knowledge that was shared about the plant-based lifestyle and how we can help in create a more sustainable and healthy world, this course had it all and every aspect was amazing. It helped me to find my next step in my life. It cleaned up exactly what I thought it would, that I absolutely want to cut the poisons out of my diet and treat my body with love and respect. Danielle is an inspiration. She is one of the most vibrant, talented and passionate people I have ever met. Her ability to share her perspective in a positive way will definitely change the way the world talks about a plant-based diet.
– Josh Reynolds, Chicago, USA

“Danielle gives you the practical and hands on tools that I felt was missing from the CSNN program. I am now feeling 100% more confident as a C.H.N.C upon the completion of my CSSN program and Pachavega’s Raw Food Certification. Danielle is such an inspiration and has made me feel more confident in myself and the path I am on. I can honestly say that the 2 weeks I have spent with Danielle have been life changing. I am feeling more inspired than ever and I can’t wait to take what I have learned here and share it with the world! Xoxo” – Josselyn Turner, Edmonton, Canada

“Before coming to Pachavega I had been transitioning to plant-based of life. It was a slow process because I wanted to do it responsibly, nutritionally. Because I work full-time that task alone felt overwhelming. Taking the course not only jump started the process with eating all the yummy food for 10 days. It accelerated the process by giving me tools and education to know how to eat a nutrient dense menu. Totally worth every penny and an investment in myself from a health perspective!” – Dorothy Feeley, Florida, USA

“This course provided so many new tips and foods to incorporate into the diet to improve overall health. The recipes include a range of options to adapt to specific dietary needs and/or goals. This course is for anyone looking to enhance their knowledge of nutrition and the amazing power of plants to heal and ignite. 😊” – Bobbie Jo Traut, Washington DC, USA

“After graduating from the CSNN, Pachavega Certification was the perfect combination to my knowledge. I got to learn a lot of techniques in the kitchen and practiced everything I needed to know to be fully independent and creative in this new journey of focusing more on whole plant-based food. I believe it is very important to have pleasure while cooking and “prepping our own food. Danielle succeeded in showing us how simple raw food can be. I feel excited to share with my family and friends. I will recommend this class to anyone who has an interest in the kitchen or simply want to improve their health through healthy, nourishing foods. Thank you for your patience, Danielle.” – Roxanne Turcotte, Montreal, Canada

“Designed with passion, integrity and a whole lot of love. You might as well consider this life school”. – Keia Dreger, Edmonton, Canada

“Danielle is very knowledgeable, inspiring and a true gem. She offers lots of support and loving kindness. The material and resources she has given us are amazing. She has truly sparked my food creativity and I can’t wait to go out and start my own food line. – Nicole J Hume, Winnipeg, Canada

“Coming from a household of doctors, I thought I knew how to eat healthy and nutritious meals. Pachavega’s course has been transformational and eye opening. I am better prepared to start making healthy meals in a simple and fun way!” – Andres Castillo, Canmore, Canada/Columbia


“Danielle’s course was so  amazingly  comprehensive. The information that I learned throughout the course was detailed and backed up by scientific research. For someone who does their schooling online, I found it invaluable to be in a classroom setting, learning from Danielle as well as other students. It was such a fun and friendly environment to work in. I would hands-down recommend this prevent anyone looking to further their health. It really helped me to take the next step in my health and wellness journey.” – Kelsi Fernie, Calgary, AB 

“Thanks for educating me on a lifestyle which I was skeptical about. You have provided me with armfuls of knowledge and the power that goes along with that. I’m looking forward to incorporating consciousness into my lifestyle. Thanks for an engrossing 10 days”. – Sheryl Whyte, Calgary, Alberta

“Coming into this program, I expected to learn some new things but I truly didn’t expect that Danielle’s passion for raw food would revive me and inspire me. I have learned things that will not only improve my lifestyle, but also help to contribute to the health of my community, the health of the world, and the health of all beings on this planet. I am so very grateful for this newfound information and I am walking away from the course with a full heart and belly and an enlightened mind. XOXO” – Mary Ghandi, Puerto Escondido, México 

“Danielle has created such an amazing course! I have thoroughly enjoyed every second and can’t wait to incorporate the knowledge and skills I’ve learned into my every day life. Danielle is very knowledgeable, talented and an all-around beautiful person. To anyone looking for a life-changing experience I highly recommend this course to you.” – Christine Freisen, Stettler, AB 

“I absolutely love Danielle’s program! She is an excellent teacher whose passion will fill you with inspiration. I highly recommend Pachavega’s Raw Food Chef certificate program.” – Mia Klassen, Coombs, Vancouver Island, BC 

    “Taking the Pachavega Raw Food Chef Course has been the best thing I’ve done in a long time. Not only have I learned an incredible amount of knowledge, I have confidence now to implement a raw food, plant-based diet into my life! Danielle is an amazing instructor with so much energy and passion – you can’t help but feel motivated to help change the world by day 10! – Jennifer Roach, Calgary, Canada

“This class has opened my eyes and heart to the power of food. Danielle has a way of inspiring those around her. Her vitality is boundless; the information is life-saving. Now, I feel prepared to truly nourish my body and soul. One of the best life-skills courses out there!”     – Moneca Renay, Calgary

“As a registered holistic nutritionist, I am grateful on so many levels for Danielle and her Raw Food Chef Course from which I have learned so much. Danielle’s impassioned and down to earth teaching style has significantly assisted me in delving much deeper into the “Raw Food” world and to emerge equiped to confidently create an incredible variety of deeply nourishing and satisfying meals. I can’t thank you enough.” – Cheryl Crosby, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Ontario, Canada.

“A Perfect Journey of potential Self-realization. If you feel stuck or in need of a transition in one or areas of you life, I highly recommend taking Danielle’s Heal and Ignite Raw Food Course.  Danielle teaches the course with so much joy and shares an incredible amount of knowledge.” – Natasha Mackesy, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“Definitely worth flying all the way from Australia for! Pachavega is definitely one of the most comprehensive courses I have found. Danielle creates such an amazing and supportive environment where you are able to be yourself and connect with like-minded people. Best experience of my life!” – Ashleigh Lezenic, Brisbane, Australia



“This is an Amazing course! Danielle’s knowledge is incredible! It was so important to learn all this for me, my family and all of my friends. Lots of Love!” – Danielle Jean, Canmore, Alberta

“I loved what I learned including the more subtle aspects of raw food preparation such as gourmet, artistic, how to use tools, how to improvise and create new recipes. I’ve gained confidence to be a great raw food chef. So much gratitude to Danielle and all my classmates. I loved Danielle’s awareness of everyone’s specific conditions. I loved her free flowing style, inviting everyone, no matter the skill level. I learned so much from the other students too. Love, love, love!” – Jill LaBelle Sophie Shouldice, Vancouver Island, BC


“I love how this course answered many questions I had about how to transition off of animal foods, like how to substitute my salmon oil, probiotic and vitamin supplements, since I have been spending $300 or more a month for 4 years on these. It blew my mind in my quest to learn how to make healthy food taste good and it was much easier than I thought. Danielle is so incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. I’ve been looking for 5 years to find this information. This course provided that for me! It was that awesome!” – Roni-lil Shapka, Calgary, Alberta

IMG_9622Graduates of the 70 hour *Heal and Ignite* Raw Food Chef Certification Course, June 17-26, 2016

testimonial clara


Graduates of the 45 hour Whole Foods Preparation Certification Course, June 17-26, 2016


Graduates of the 70 hour *Heal and Ignite* Raw Food Chef Certification Course, June 3-12, 2016

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“Danielle’s course was one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had! I learned so much! I totally recommend it!” – Carolina Fresca, Abu Dhabi, UAE

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“Danielle is Amazing! She has done such a wonderful job integrating raw food into real life. Her energy, passion, and commitment to whole body wellness is evident and inspiring. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or are someone who wants to take control of your wellbeing, this course is for you. Danielle will rock your world with light, love, energy and whole foods to ignite your spirit!” – Desirae Jaenen

FullSizeRenderGraduates of the 40 Hour Whole Foods Preparation Certificate, October, 2015

“Danielle is Amazing! She has done such a wonderful job integrating raw food into real life. Her energy, passion, and commitment to whole body wellness is evident and inspiring. Whether you’re new to the lifestyle or are someone who wants to take control of your wellbeing, this course is for you. Danielle will rock your world with light, love, energy and whole foods to ignite your spirit!” – Desirae Jaenen

“I signed up for a certificate but received so much more. By the end of the first day, I knew I wanted to upgrade to the full 70 hour course. This has inspired me to expand my knowledge and share my passion with others.” – Holly Strong

“The Pachavega Raw food course was so much more than I could have imagined. The course content was so rich and educational, the food was incredible and Danielle is such an amazing teacher. Thank you Danielle for sharing your gift of passion for health and life with the world!” – Leahan Frandsen

20337411599_3a6d6dab10_kGraduates of the 40 Hour Whole Foods Preparation Certificate, August, 2015

What are they saying about the course?

“This course is not for one single aspect of life, it encompasses the problem of our habits and the ancient wisdom of pure, healing food for longevity in life”. – Ethan Elliot

“The recipes were all incredibly tasty, Danielle’s passion for the food and the topics we discussed were infectious – an exciting introduction into the world of raw, living food”. – Gillian Shepherd

testimonial page3“I appreciate the whole foods and enjoyed creating and eating beautiful dishes that we made. All wrong! They were delicious. Danielle is an inspiring person full of knowledge and experiences. Great teacher! Ethan, the assistant, was also very helpful and knowledgeable! I know how to add flavors and techniques to make eating raw more delicious now 🙂 Danielle’s chef skills and holistic approach to this healthy lifestyle has really inspired me to share and create dishes with veggies, nuts, seeds, essential oils, herbs and more for my family friends and students.” – Kim Goddard

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july 2015 graduates 70 hour

Graduates of the 70 Hour *Heal and Ignite* Raw Food Chef Certificate, July, 2015

What are they saying about the course?

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“I thoroughly enjoyed the Pachavega learning experience. Danielle’s passion for teaching and sharing her whole food based knowledge is fun and enthusiastic. The sessions are packed with information and I left with a good base for creating a healthier lifestyle for my family. Thank you Danielle” – Teri Fullerton

“Food is life. Life is in food. Keep the food and yourself alive with Raw, vegan preparation of plant-based foods. Danielle provides the wisdom, knowledge and skill to pursue a healthy healing diet for food and life!! Thank you Danielle!” – Linda Regan

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What are people saying about Pachavega’s other workshops?

“Returning to my roots – where food was a means to stay healthy – Danielle re-opens that door” – Joanne Turcotte

“Danielle’s enthusiasm is very contagious. Her energy is helpful, especially when learning about important things, like SUPERFOODS! Her Raw Chef Certificate was a treat because we got a chance to taste all the food, learned how to make it and were inspired to make our own recipes! Thank you for the awesome course!” – Alex Randsom

“I loved the food, recipes and great like minded company. Highly Creative Everything! The cozy environment and Danielle’s bubbly, friendly personality made it a very healthy and enjoyable evening!” – Susanne Daviau.

“The food was absolutely amazing! In Danielle’s ‘A Taste of Mexico’ Dinner Workshop, my favourite dish was the guacamole and raw corn patties but the Cinnamon Chocolate Late was also to die for. I was blown away by the whole experience and felt completely comfortable meeting and eating with new people. I would highly recommend Danielle’s services and would love to attend another workshop” -Danika Scott

“I am so impressed with Danielle’s skill as a chef! But these skills are exceeded even further by her talent as a teacher. With passion, enthusiasm and humour, she took our group through the steps of food preparation while educating us on everything from health benefits and the science of raw foods to equipping a raw foods kitchen. We learned a tremendous amount in 4 short days and didn’t even tap into her wealth of knowledge.”  – Gwen Hetherington


” Ms Danielle was our raw food goddess for 4 days. What an amazing taste experience! I was always full, had no cravings and each meal filled me with joy! My taste buds woke up and asked, “is this just a dream?” I have even convinced my meat and potatoes husband to convert, yahoo! Many thanks, hugs and love to Danielle” – Lynne Stoen

“Danielle’s encouraging and pleasant approach to raw food and preparation gave us a wonderful introduction to the benefits of raw food nutrition! I am definitely going to try and incorporate more raw foods into our diet!” – Ann Corquegood

“Danielle, I think I could possibly become a Raw Food Lovin’ Vegan – A feat certainly beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you for sharing your fabulous talent with us!” – Denise Chabot

“Danielle did a beautiful job preparing and presenting raw vegan cuisine. She was very creative with ingredients and explained the dishes in a way that helped me to understand the foods and how nutrient rich it was” – Tessa Van Tighem

“I have never eaten raw vegan for a number of days before but these three days have been wonderful. You are so creative with the raw food and the tastes are incredible. Great that you can teach us about the vegan way of eating! Thanks! – Linda

“Danielle’s passion and skill with raw food is amazing! So many great flavours blended together like a symphony. And it’s healthy too! So good… Namaste” – Dave Klepacki

“The interplay of flavours were unlike anything I have ever tasted. Danielle’s workshop was a great experience getting to try out new foods and techniques in a nice, warm environment. I will definitely be trying the recipes at home!” – Tiana Farran

“Danielle’s fermentation workshop starts on the right note when she parallels fermentation to living slow and more intentionally. It also ends wonderfully with all of us inspired and well fed” – Katrina Ao

“Great cozy community environment to learn the basics and depths of eating raw. It really isnt just salads! Great job Danielle! Fun and professional. Good mix” – Dave Wilson

“Danielle is amazingly knowledgeable. It was way more than a cooking class – great food, inspirational ideas and loads of tips!” – Jennifer Maley

“Danielle’s enthusiasm for healthy digestion, by way of delicious nutritious food, is absolutely contagious! She’s a picture of health herself, and presents vital information clearly, answering questions while offering tasty food samples. If you have a chance to attend one of her workshops, don’t miss it!” – Janine Bandcroft

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking Danielle’s Raw Chef Certification Course and I am taking away a LOT of exciting, informative and practical knowledge about foods that contain healing properties for all sorts of ailments as well as complete nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. Danielle’s vibrating energy and great enthusiasm to share her knowledge has made this course an uplifting learning journey. I have enjoyed the hands-on learning and all the recipes she used within the course. So much love has been shared and I am truly grateful for this experience.” – Shima Hashermain

“Taking Danielle’s Raw Chef Certification Course is now on my list of “best” life experiences, being fairly fresh on my journey with holistic medicine and healing. I have come away with renewed hope and confidence that using my knowledge of healing raw foods, inspired by the course, will allow me to overcome conditions that have plagued me for sometime.” – Braden Scott

“Danielle’s Raw Chef Certification Course opened a whole world of food knowledge up to me. The information presented was so interesting and applicable to day to day life. The engaging teaching style really solidified the information and she was always available to answer my questions! I looked forward to every class!” – Allison Forbes

“I attended a 2 hour information workshop on eating raw vegan foods; taught by Danielle at Pachavega and was totally impressed!  We enjoyed many tasty raw sauces and gained lots of information about eating raw, vegan food.  I loved her positive energy and the casual nature of her class…there were many opportunities to interrupt and ask questions.  I felt encouraged to try more raw foods in our whole family’s diet and have used two of the five sauces in the last few weeks.  She also encouraged us to experiment and have fun in the kitchen.  Thank you for such a memorable afternoon.  I look forward to learning more from you at future workshops!” –  Amber Tsoi. Canmore, AB

“Wow Danielle!  I really enjoyed the fermentation class you gave.  I’ve gained a level of confidence that you can’t get from a recipe.   I’ve successfully fermented cabbage.   It tastes great!   I have a batch of Kombucha on the go and I can’t wait to get busy with some water kefir.  I’m looking forward to reaping the benefits of these healthy traditional foods.  I was so afraid that I’d mess it up, but I can’t believe how fun and easy it is! Anyone can ferment and  they need to know how easy it is.  I’m pretty excited and I like the fact that I don’t have to shy away from all the good fermented recipes because ‘I’ve never done that before’.” – Bev S. Victoria, BC

“I love Danielle’s teaching style! She is super enthusiastic and interactive which made learning a lot of fun. The way she conveys the information allows for so much retention. I would love to have her as a teacher again!” – Chelsea Cook. Victoria, BC