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Pachavega’s Raw Food Chef and Plant Based Certification Courses will prepare you to become more than a just a Raw Food Expert, you learn to heal yourself and those you love with real food

“This is a practical course that teaches you not only how to make amazing healthful food, but teaches you the science of why we would eat this way. The way the course is structured really heals to maximize the time for optimum absorption of the information. I have learned skills here that I will use for the rest of my life. It is an investment into your own health and those around you. Thank you Danielle for creating this inspirational course! ” – Melissa Sutton. Calgary, Canada

All Pachavega courses are comprehensive, intimate and interactive. With hands-on learning and taste testing, learn to heal the body and optimize your nutrition intake in a sustainable, long-term way with delicious organic whole foods! Our plant based certification courses are offered in many locations around the world including; in the quiet and magical Half Moon Bay, British Columbia, the fabulous prairies of Winnipeg, Manitoba, the foothills of the Rockies, Red Deer, Alberta and the peaceful volcanic Island of Ometepe, Nicaragua at Wanderlust Utopia

Level ONE: Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals Certificate Course

We will begin our journey to optimal health and wellness through the practical application of a plant-based lifestyle. Discover the nutritional benefits of whole foods and how they can support total body wellness. With hands-on kitchen time and recipe creating, this course will provide a basic understanding of a plant-based. whole foods diet, the skills how to make gourmet recipes and the foundation of a nutrition education for life.
    • This course is an introduction to the organic lifestyle, kitchen skills, and detecting when a food is approaching rancidity
    • We will cover basic knife skills, kitchen set-up, the in’s and out’s of a raw food kitchen and all the ingredients used and how to use different kitchen equipment
    • We will practice how to taste balance and discover flavor combinations using spices around the world
    • We will learn techniques such as how to ferment foods, such as cashew sour cream and kimchi and how to grow your own sprouts
    • This course guides us through transitioning towards a plant-based, raw food diet, staying active, and how to source our macro-nutrients sustainably.
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I can honestly say that the 2 weeks I have spent with Pachavega have been life changing. It has made me feel more confident in myself and the path I am on. I am feeling more inspired than ever and I can’t wait to take what I have learned here and share it with the world! Xoxo”

– Josselyn Turner, Edmonton, Canada

Level TWO: Raw Food Chef Certificate Course*

We will deep-dive into techniques and concepts touched on but not thoroughly discussed in the Basic Raw Food Chef Certification.
    • This course will cover advanced raw food chef skills such as refined food styling and plating; food photography, converting cooked recipes to raw; by using different dehydrating, fermenting, and marinating techniques.
    • We will dive into health and nutrition to aid different stages of our lives, from childhood to the senior years as well as support for fertility and pregnancy.
    • We will study different adaptogens and other powerful super herbs and their role in health as well as culinary uses, including cacao!
    • We will  practice autonomous recipe development with a personalized dessert and expand recipe writing to include health benefits, history, and origin of the ingredients or cuisine.
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*prerequisite: Level ONE: Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals

2 Week Living Foods Master Chef Immersion Certification

Combined Level ONE and TWO

Join us for our most comprehensive Plant-Based Nutrition and Living Foods Chef Training! With these two courses combined, you’ll really feel what it is like to take your plant-based nutrition education to the next level. By the end of these two weeks, you will feel confident to create delicious gourmet meals and know how and why certain foods contribute the optimal health. Contact us today!

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Our Certification courses are approved by:Raw Food Chef Alliance, an International organization that Certifies Raw Food Schools and Raw Food Chefs. Upon successful course completion and graduation students will automatically join this alliance.CAHNPRO (Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals) for upgrading hours and continuing education credit units.CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) for graduates and current students to receive external practicum hours.


“Before coming to Pachavega I had been transitioning to plant-based life. It was a slow process because I wanted to do it responsibly, nutritionally. Because I work full-time that task alone felt overwhelming. Taking the course not only jump started the process with eating all the yummy food for 10 days. It accelerated the process by giving me tools and education to know how to eat a nutrient dense menu. Totally worth every penny and an investment in myself from a health perspective!” – Dorothy Feeley, Florida, USA

“I’ve had the pleasure of taking Danielle’s Raw Chef Certification Course and I am taking away a LOT of exciting, informative and practical knowledge about foods that contain healing properties for all sorts of ailments as well as complete nourishment for the body, mind and spirit. Danielle’s vibrating energy and great enthusiasm to share her knowledge has made this course an uplifting learning journey. I have enjoyed the hands-on learning and all the recipes she used within the course. So much love has been shared and I am truly grateful for this experience.” – Shima Hashermain

“Danielle’s Raw Chef Certification Course opened a whole world of food knowledge up to me. The information presented was so interesting and applicable to day to day life. The engaging teaching style really solidified the information and she was always available to answer my questions! I looked forward to every class!” – Allison Forbes

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