Nicole Zimmer

Nicole Zimmer is a Pachavega Raw food Chef and Live Foods Educator based in both western Canada and Puerto Cayo Ecuador. In her teens Nicole was diagnosed with PTSD, depression and anxiety. She also battled physical challenges such as chronic digestive issues and suffered a neck injury. By her mid-twenties she said enough is enough and found herself on a healing journey for the body mind and spirit. She believes in creating a lifestyle that works hand in hand with mother earth to nurse your physical and mental health, and feed your soul. By purchasing land in Ecuador her family’s goal to create a self-sufficient, eco-friendly homestead to live out this lifestyle to its fullest potential. She is passionate about teaching others how to change and heal themselves, so she created The Earth’s Nurse to offer workshops, personalized lifestyle and nutrition coaching and public speaking. Of course she is always open to offering her knowledge and experience where needed, following the family motto “we are stewards to the earth and servants to humanity”. Nicole is always furthering her education and is currently studying Wholistic Therapy and Herbalism with the Wild Rose College in Alberta. She has a certification in Cannabis Medicine for Herbalists from the Lodgepole School of Wholistic Studies and is an advocate for medical marjuana. In her spare time you can find her dancing in kitchen, on her yoga mat, hiking with her dogs or looking for the next reef to dive.

Upcoming Courses

Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
June 7th – 14th, 2020