2-Week Living Foods Master Chef Immersion

Living Foods Master Chef Certification

Our two week immersion courses will take you from the beginning – taste balancing and plant-based nutrition education to the advanced – learning how to create and refine your own signature recipes. Explore advanced culinary themes and develop your unique style as a chef. This immersion is for the passionate foodie, beginner entrepreneur and seasoned plant-based expert. Immersion courses are held in Nicaragua on the island of Ometepe each year at Wanderlust Utopia.

Level One: Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals Certificate

Module 1: Intro to a Nutrient Dense Plant-Based Lifestyle
Module 2: Flavor Balancing
Module 3: Knife Skills
Module 4: Sustainability and Ethical Choices
Module 5: Soaking, Sprouting and Wheatgrass
Module 6: Healthy Digestion – You Are What You Eat
Module 7: Cleansing, Detoxification and Your pH
Module 8: Cultured and Fermented Foods
Module 9: Nut-free Cuisine and Food Allergies
Module 10: Seaweeds and Algae
Module 11: Fitness Foods and Nutrition for Athletes
Module 12: Healing Spices from Around the World
Module 13: All about Dairy and Healthy Alternatives

Level Two: Advanced Living Foods Chef Certificate Course Online

Module 14: Gourmet Cultured Plant-Based Cheese Making
Module 15: Dehydrated Foods
Module 16: Plating Presentation and Saucing Techniques
Module 17: Plant-based Comfort Foods to Drool Over
Module 18: Raw Desserts and Superfoods
Module 19: Medicinal Mushrooms and Adaptogens
Module 20: Global Cuisine Demo Presentation

* In order to enroll in Level Two, students must first complete Level One: Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals Certificate either online or in person

​Living Foods Master Chef Immersion

Wanderlust Utopia, Ometepe, Nicaragua:
November 7th – 22nd, 2020 



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More Praise from Pachavega Students

 “Before coming to Pachavega I had been transitioning to plant-based of life. It was a slow process because I wanted to do it responsibly, nutritionally. Because I work full-time that task alone felt overwhelming. Taking the course not only jump started the process with eating all the yummy food for 10 days. It accelerated the process by giving me tools and education to know how to eat a nutrient dense menu. Totally worth every penny and an investment in myself from a health perspective!” – Dorothy Feeley, Florida, USA

“This class has opened my eyes and heart to the power of food. Danielle has a way of inspiring those around her. Her vitality is boundless; the information is life-saving. Now, I feel prepared to truly nourish my body and soul. One of the best life-skills courses out there!”  – Moneca Renay, Calgary

“A Perfect Journey of potential Self-realization. If you feel stuck or in need of a transition in one or areas of you life, I highly recommend taking Pachavega’s Raw Food Immersion Course.  The instructor, Danielle, teaches the course with so much joy and shares an incredible amount of knowledge.” – Natasha Mackesy, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada