Keia Dreger

Keia Dreger is a passionate advocate for the living foods world. After a decade of yoga and somatic movement facilitation and working behind the scenes at various plant based cafes around Canada, Keia has joined the Pachavega team. She is excited to share the skills and education that has empowered her to live her fullest life. Keia is a co-owner and creator of Telluric Tonics, a botanically infused raw chocolate and MCT oil tincture venture. The company is focused on fresh small batch production and high quality, ethical ingredient sourcing. Keia and her loving partner currently reside in the Gulf Islands in their tiny house. She spends her days practicing permaculture gardening techniques, making herbal medicinal concoctions and creating nature inspired art. Her dream is to continue to share the incredible healing and nurturing wisdom of plant based food and medicine, create a thriving off grid community on her little island, and complete the Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor program at Pacific Rim College. Keia is currently creating and writing a botanical divination book and deck called “The Telluric Oracle”. She would love to go in depth with you about the spirit of herbal medicine, ecology, living food and creating synergistic lifestyles with the land we all share. “May we walk each other home”


Upcoming Courses

Sunshine Coast, BC, Canada
June 6th – 13th, 2020