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Local’s On-screen Series to feature Vegan Cuisine

The small screen is calling local chef Danielle Arsenault, who’s on a mission to discover and prepare healthy, plant-based cuisine from coast to coast.
Arsenault’s camper van will be packed and ready for a summer’s worth of adventure and kilometres on the odometer when her vision for Heal and Ignite Across Canada, a vegan culinary television series, hits the road.
“It’s light, it’s positive, it’s going to showcase how you can eat a plant-based diet and be super strong, fit and feel amazing,” said Arsenault, founder of Pachavega Living Foods Education. “The idea is to the show the food and how delicious it can be.”
Arsenault, who’s authored five cookbooks and teaches raw-food culinary courses, will travel to every province and territory and uncover its best-kept secrets in plant-based cuisine.
She hopes the series inspires how people look at food.


The Vegan Troubadour Show PODCAST

With Jim Marconi and Dr. Michelle Marconi

Pachavega Living Foods Education joins Jim Marconi on The Vegan Troubador show to talk about the raw, plant-based, whole food lifestyle, and how it can impact our health, life and the planet.

Below is  the two-part interview  with Jim.

Part 1

 Part 2

Listen to the full episode HERE.

Mountain FM Interview: Inspiration for Heal and Ignite

Have a listen to Danielle Arsenault”s Podcast / radio interview on Mountain FM in Canmore, AB. On April 20th, 2017, she and Marcus Williams sit down to chat about her new cookbook, Heal and Ignite…

Marcus: Hey, it’s Marcus here on Mountian FM. I’m with the master chef, Danielle Arsenault here with her cookbook, Heal and Ignite. What can you tell us about the inspiration of this book?

Danielle : Wow, Heal and Ignite has taken me two years to finally build into what I was comfortable and proud to show to world and get published. It was just published two months ago, and the inspiration for this book came when I was living in South Korea and I was teaching English there as well as rock climbing and doing a lot of experimental cooking. I was living in an apartment complex on campus with a bunch of other teachers, and one of my neighbors, Jessica, she was a home cook and loved to make food and loved to experiment with different ingredients, and her and I got along really well, and we started making food together… LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW BELOW…

danielle arsenault, raw food chef

Meet Raw Food Chef: Danielle Arsenault

“Her love for the kitchen began when she spent several years living abroad. Danielle Arsenault lived in Mexico and South Korea teaching English and found it difficult to find vegan food.  She explained there were always ingredients such as lard or fish sauce added to what seemed like a vegan option. With what felt like no other options, Arsenault headed into her own kitchen and began to experiment making her own delicious vegan-friendly foods. When her passion in the kitchen was ignited, she began to take a deeper look into nutrition and this is where she first began to learn about raw foods and how powerful they can be.

“I have found raw food to be the most healing diets I have come across,” said Arsenault. “I want to share with people the ability to heal themselves.” Now she runs her business Pachavega Living Foods Education, with her motto “Organic plant-based education to heal your body and ignite your spirit.” The chef explained she keeps the word “raw” out of her business name so she doesn’t scare people away for fear of the unknown. She uses her raw food knowledge, skills and passion to help other people find health and balance in their lives.”

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share from the kitchens of pinch and dashSeasoned Vegans

“Jessica Perlaza and Danielle Arsenault call their creative venture the Kitchens of Pinch and Dash. They are the creators of four magazine-style cookbooks, made start to finish from the comfort of their own homes. They’re filled with seasonal gluten-free recipes that are fresh and healthful, 100-percent vegan, and brimming with ideas and inspiration. These thin little zines are beguilingly lovely, a noteworthy addition to the thrumming life of the Seoulite foodie. I wanted to know, where did they come from?…

… We hit it off talking about food and vegan/vegetarian life, hiking every morning, and one thing led to another. We just said, ‘Yeah, we should write a book together. Let’s just do it!’ We’d planned on making a hundred little zines and giving them to our friends, but it just snowballed into this… little project. It’s grown to more than we could’ve ever imagined. It’s crazy. I never thought it would get to this point.”

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awake, a pop up dinnerAWAKE: Spring Pop Up Dinner by Pinch and  Dash

“I absolutely love the idea of Pop Up Restaurants especially when it’s not seen or heard of before, not mainstream, not known. This pop up was specially dear to my heart because it was a Vegan Sharing Dinner. Only 10 people were being catered for so it would be intimate and close and that was really evident when we showed up to the venue.

Casablanca restaurant in Noksapyeong/Hae Bang Chon area was the venue, were they happily shared their premises for this pop up by Pinch and Dash was small and quaint, hosted by Jessica and Danielle. The welcome was so warm and filled with smiles, soft, close and very pretty.”

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