About Us

At Pachavega, we live a plant-based lifestyle fueled with positivity and gratitude. We aim to inspire by living life from the heart and connecting to nature through the integration of a healthy diet and lifestyle. The word Pachavega is coined by combining two very important things; “Pacha” from the native Quechua word, Pachamama, which means “Mother Earth” and “vega” to honor a plant-based lifestyle and our love affair with the humble vegetable. At the core of our philosophy is nutritionally dense and deliciously flavorful, whole, plant-based food that is organically grown as sustainably as possible. We dig deep into plant-based nutrition using the most up-to-date nutrition science and ancient wisdom of thriving healthy cuisines and traditional diet modalities around the world.

Pachavega offers plant-based nutrition coaching, plant-based menu design and upgrades, hosts international wellness retreats and vegan culinary chef trainings, specializing in whole food, plant-based and raw food chef certification courses. Upon graduation students are approved and eligible for the Raw Food Chef Alliance International Raw Food Chef Certification

Our home base is on the Island of Ometepe in Nicaragua at an incredible retreat facility called Wanderlust Utopia. We also teach an Online Raw Food Chef Certification Course and offer Plant-based Chef Certifications around the world by request.

Our Certification courses are approved by:

CAHNPRO (Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals) for upgrading hours and continuing education credit units.

CSNN (Canadian School of Natural Nutrition) for graduates and current students to receive external practicum hours.

The Raw Food Chef Alliance, an International organization that Certifies Raw Food Schools and Raw Food Chefs. Upon successful course completion, graduate students will automatically join this alliance.