Be ready for a bounty of delicious, nutritious soul food!

Pachavega’s Catering services, and custom, creative menus will leave you satisfied and singing on the inside. We offer private, small-party in-house catering (4 – 34 people) for retreats, special gatherings, weddings, retreats, anniversaries, conferences and meetings.

“I am so impressed with Danielle’s skill as a chef! But these skills are exceeded even further by her talent as a teacher. With passion, enthusiasm and humour, she took our group through the steps of food preparation while educating us on everything from health benefits and the science of raw foods to equipping a raw foods kitchen. We learned a tremendous amount in 4 short days and didn’t even tap into her wealth of knowledge.”  – Gwen Hetherington

“Ms Danielle was our raw food goddess for 4 days. What an amazing taste experience! I was always full, had no cravings and each meal filled me with joy! My taste buds woke up and asked, “is this just a dream?” I have even convinced my meat and potatoes husband to convert, yahoo! Many thanks, hugs and love to Danielle” – Lynne Stoen

“Danielle’s encouraging and pleasant approach to raw food and preparation gave us a wonderful introduction to the benefits of raw food nutrition! I am definitely going to try and incorporate more raw foods into our diet!” – Ann Corquegood

Example Meal Plan

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“Danielle’s passion and skill with raw food is amazing! So many great flavours blended together like a symphony. And it’s healthy too! So good… Namaste” – Dave Klepacki

“Danielle, I think I could possibly become a Raw Food Lovin’ Vegan – A feat certainly beyond my wildest dreams! Thank you for sharing your fabulous talent with us!” – Denise Chabot

“Danielle did a beautiful job preparing and presenting raw vegan cuisine. She was very creative with ingredients and explained the dishes in a way that helped me to understand the foods and how nutrient rich it was” – Tessa Van Tighem

“I have never eaten raw vegan for a number of days before but these three days have been wonderful. You are so creative with the raw food and the tastes are incredible. Great that you can teach us about the vegan way of eating! Thanks! – Linda